Flying Flames Flame Element


About Flying Flames Flame Element

Flying Flames is designed to permit individual versions of a chandelier. You decide on the number of Flames and their colour. Add up to three downlights for a pleasant light on a table below the chandelier. The magical LED candles, presented by Moritz Waldemeyer and Ingo Maurer in 2012, are combined with simple and functional Downlight Elements. Choose between the rectangular for the smaller, square canopy, or place multiple canopy boards in a line to create a long chandelier. Place the elements as you choose, and adjust their height. The Flying Flame Element is placed freely with a magnet on the canopy board of the Flying Flame System. Based on video footage, the LED-Display shows a flicker of the a flame in a realistic and fascinating way. The length of the cable can be adjusted.

Flying Flames Flame Element Technical Specs

Flying Flames