Hanging Lamp “Le Tre Streghe” HL3S 81



About Hanging Lamp “Le Tre Streghe” HL3S 81

Günter Leuchtmann designed this hanging lamp specially for a restaurant in Hamburg called “Le tre streghe” (“The Three Witches”) in 1981. The light from a handcrafted Murano glass ball is emitted through a meshed cylinder above. The lamp is available as a chrome-plated and gold-plated model. The suspension can be flexibly adjusted from 80 to 210 cm during assembly. Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet. Please inquire about lead time. Due to technical modifications from Tecnolumen, the current production time for this model has been extended.

Hanging Lamp “Le Tre Streghe” HL3S 81 Technical Specs

Hanging Lamp "Le tre streghe” HL3S 81