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About Panthella Portable

The designer and architect Verner Panton (1926-1998) created Panthella in collaboration with Louis Poulsen in 1971. Panton’s figurative and playful design radiates his larger-than-life personality. Without compromising on quality or functionality, the world-renowned Dane continued to develop new materials for the colourful and captivating spaces that he created from his enticing designs. Panthella stands out as one of Panton’s most significant design icons with its organic shape that mirrors the softest of light. Panton intended to create a light where both the stand and the shade served as a reflector, combining it with the organic shapes for which the Danish designer is known. With its non-glaring light, Panthella serves as a beautiful example of Verner Panton’s brilliant ability to create atmospheric illumination. The Panthella Portable lamp is a down-scaled version of Verner Panton’s popular Panthella Table lamp from 1971. Panthella Portable can be used anywhere as it does not depend on a power supply – both indoors and outdoors as it is certified for damp locations. The handy Panthella Portable comes with a translucent acrylic shade. It is available with a white opal acrylic shade and white trumpet stem, or with a grey opal acrylic shade and high-lustre chrome trumpet as in Panton’s original finishes for the larger Panthella designs from 1971. This portable version of Panthella makes enjoying both the design and quality of its light easier as the lamp can be charged in advance via a USB port. When charged, the lamp is easy and convenient to move around to create an attractive and exclusive atmosphere on the patio during summer, in the al fresco restaurant or elsewhere where access to a power point is not available. Its timeless and iconic design, accessible price point and size make it a superb gift as it fits easily into any interior. Panthella Portable comes with a USB-C cable and has three dimming options. The USB adaptor must be purchased separately.

Panthella Portable Technical Specs

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