Pisces: Finding Light in Unknown Waters

It’s Pisces Season

“Happiness comes from honesty.”

Angelo Mangirotti

Pisces has a unique aesthetic and taste, making it one of the most creative signs of the zodiac. This Pisces Season opens sensitivity, creativity, and heightened intuition in all of us. It’s a time to surrender to the flow of life, trust the unseen forces, and embrace the unknown. We’re encouraged to let go and stay present in a time of uncertainty, allowing our creations and hearts to manifest to an unknown chapter of release. We’re challenged to deepen our trust in ourselves and let the unthinkable take course. Stay grounded, maintain boundaries, and discern between fantasy and reality.

Useful Piscean dates in 2024:

  • February 23: Mercury enters Pisces: intuition ignites
  • February 24: The full moon in Virgo: clarity in emotions
  • March 9: Mercury enters Aries: powerful discernment
  • March 10: The new moon in Pisces: creative flow
  • March 11: Venus enters Pisces: tender release 
  • March 17: The sun and Neptune connect: artistry and magic reimagined