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portrait of Archivio Storico Vetreria Vistosi

Skillful technique and processing of the materials are combined with iconic design in each of the Vistosi collections. Perhaps it’s because more than anyone, we know the secret compositions of the sands and minerals that have been guardedly handed down for centuries and that never cease to produce new “alchemies”. These in turn increase the transparency, malleability and purity of the glass, creating new colors, decorations and reflections. Vistosi design embodies the fusion of ancient hand-worked and mouth-blown glass techniques with design experiments, in addition to the study of new materials and ways of “decorating with glass”. All of which translates into utterly current collections. An ever-present tension drives the improvement of techniques and materials, the search for unexpected harmonies between glass and its forms: the nobility of the element is enhanced by the study of lines; the material is worked in our studio to render its best possible interpretation. All in the knowledge that beautiful glass doesn’t shine alone but radiates its beauty through the details.