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portrait of Charlotte Perriand

She was an architect, designer, as well as an enthusiastic hiker and skier, a visionary, an independent woman and a global traveller. From the early decades of the 20th century, she revisited the concept of design and its aesthetic values, giving life to contemporary design through timeless, iconic and authentic objects that bear witness to modern times.
To Charlotte Perriand, lamps were not a decorative element added for no reason, but a functional and technical component, a tool and an object answering to specific needs. Perriand’s minimalistic approach instills a timeless character in her creations: these are the “Useful Forms” that came from the movement she co-founded in 1949. Like Perriand’s furniture, her pieces are not immovable, but rotate and bend themselves, adjusting to our needs.
After a long period of research and collaboration with Charlotte Perriand Archive, NEMO has restored some of Charlotte Perriand’s works. Relive Charlotte Perriand’s lightings means let past creations live again in the modern world.
Rewire Selects from Charlotte Perriand include Applique À Volet Pivotant (1962) , Applique Cylindrique (1930s) and Pivotante À Poser (1950).