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portrait of Mario Botta

Mario Botta started out as an apprentice in Lugano and went on to Art College in Milan and then to the University of Architecture in Venice at a very exciting time for design. Mario Botta worked with renowned designers Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn during his education. Later, Mario Botta received his degree under the direction of Carlo Scarpa and Giuseppe Mazzariol in 1969.

Mario Botta’s career began in 1970. He quickly gained popularity amongst the single-family homes he designed in Ticino. Over time Mario Botta’s work grew quickly beyond the familiar, spanning from many other building types while mentoring and teaching in the later years of his career.

Architecture and memory are inseparable in Mario Botta’s work, where the changes implemented in architecture become part of the landscape. Light generates space, and primary geometric forms are distinctive signs left by your surroundings. Since Mario Botta’s early detached houses in Canton Tessin, his work has encompassed all building types (schools, banks, administration buildings, libraries, museums, and religious buildings), as well as design.