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Mauro Olivieri was born in 1959 in Genoa. After attending an art-oriented high school he graduated in Architecture in Genoa. In 1986 he opened his studio in Arma di Taggia, a space where ideas and projects flourish every day and where experimentation reigns. In 1998, in Andalusia, he designed the Benaocaz house of the well-known design critic Gèrard Gayou, discoverer of young talents such as Sottsass, Mendini, Stark, Ugo la Pietra, Enzo Mari, Ron Arad and many others. Gèrard was and still is his mentor. Also in 1998 he designed Baco, his first collection of lamps, which marked the beginning of a long collaboration with Vistosi. 2009 saw the launch of the Withwith lamp collection, composed of five individual elements in blown glass that are available as both pendant and ceiling lamps. In 2011 the Assiba collection came to life, a sublime expression of Murano mouth-blown glass. Tablò, a collection that combines glass and laminated wood in a single screwless piece, won the GrandesignEtico Award in 2014.
Today he is a Member of the Design Department of the ADI Association and is responsible for training courses on design, interior design, and visual design communication. His last and most recent venture was being the protagonist of the film Tensione e Sintesi di Isplora, which saw Mauro Olivieri interpreting materials and traditions along a design and experimental itinerary that begins in inland Liguria.