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About Fontana Pie

Conceived by André Ricard in 1970. Its name is a nod to the artist Lucio Fontana, who challenged the history of art by slashing his neat oil paintings. His was an art for the Space Age that sought to turn pieces into experiments in a new three-dimensionality. Santa & Cole presents Fontana together with a new floor version, both in white painted steel finish. The pendant version, being the first, maintains its futuristic look thanks to the good dimension of its more than half sphere and the unmistakable tear that illuminates peripherally allowing a soft indirect lighting. Its interior now houses an efficient light plate that facilitates the best vertical flow and directs the light gently, without glare. vWe extend the original design by introducing a floor-standing Fontana, composed of a discreet circular base that supports the structure and shade. In this case, the light is regulated by a discreet dimmer above the shade. Its versatility makes it perfect to accompany you in the peace and quiet of your home, in the frenzy of work or in a deep conversation in a restaurant.
  • Floor Lamps
  • Santa & Cole
  • André Ricard
  • 1970
  • 13.8
  • 10.5
  • CE
  • 4-12 WEEKS
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Fontana Pie