Milieu Colour Mini



About Milieu Colour Mini

An elegant pendant lamp featuring a breath-taking organic design The Milieu series was originally designed in 1975 by the renowned Danish lighting designer Jo Hammerborg, the brainchild behind a myriad of original lamps that gradually gained classic status – several of them featuring soft, organic lines. Milieu Colour Mini Mini is designed in metal and available in the exclusive and silky matte colors Clear White, Pure Cashmere, Tomato Cream and Ultimate Grey. The beautiful Milieu Colour Mini Mini pendant floats lightly and elegantly in a room like a celestial body in the sky - an endless source of fascination to Jo Hammerborg. Its multi-layered hemispherical shape creates a beautiful lighting effect with no glare. The original design was inspired by Jo Hammerborg’s great passion for flying and parachuting. Just like a parachute, the individual layers unfold beautifully, and the pendulum features a unique harmony and lightness - marks of a true design classic.