About Trombone

The Trombone series was designed in 1966 by the renowned Danish lighting designer Jo Hammerborg, the brainchild behind a myriad of original lamps that gradually gained classic status – several of them featuring cylindrical shades. Trombone presented a number of technical challenges during the design process, thus taking on a special significance for Jo Hammerborg when his vision succeeded, and the lamp is one of the designs that enjoyed pride of his place in his own home throughout his life. It is a simple, elegant pendant lamp featuring a rigid geometric design. The beautiful simplicity of the cylindrical Trombone pendant lamp makes it perfect for any modern interior, reflecting Jo Hammerborg’s design philosophy. The pendant lamp comprises a metal cylinder. Its top and bottom have had narrow vertical cracks stamped out of them, allowing the light to pass through the metal and illuminate the fitting. In combination with the white inside of the cylinder, this creates a uniquely beautiful lighting effect. The Trombone series also features a table lamp and a floor lamp, all resembling a trombone, the inspiration for the name of the series. All three lamps are available in either brushed brass color or brushed aluminum, testifying to Jo Hammerborg’s love of metals.