Astep is a design company that brings to the domestic landscape, the experience, knowledge and the future-oriented outlook that has been nurtured for three generations, and bridges it with the latest developments in digital technologies. Astep creates new products for the home – objects that give digital technologies a more meaningful standing in our domestic lives. Honoring evolution in design, Astep also re-edit’s iconic objects: timeless works by Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò that were born from the same optimistic forward-thinking attitude that continues to inspire them today. In a world in which digital solutions are increasingly pervasive in our daily life, Astep aspires to combine the quality of life that new technologies offer, with the respect for people, objects and the environment that has always been at the core of good design. By embracing the new while maintaining the utmost reverence for what’s been – coupling the work of great minds of the past and great minds of the present – Astep aims to advance the relationship between people and their homes. A fluid landscape of products that can bring the warmth of domesticity wherever people need it.

Rewire Selects from Astep include Model 2109 designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1963, VV Cinquanta designed by Vittoriano Viganó in 1951 and SB Cinquantotto designed by Santi & Borachia in 1958.

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Rewire Selects by Astep