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We have been editing since 1985, when the company was founded. Editing means publishing a work, generally authored by someone else. We ask ourselves about industrial design, the art of paying attention to everyday objects as part of a reflection on material culture. All the products in our catalogue answer a question or respond to a necessity, and each one stands out by its response.

The Santa & Cole Team is comprised by the members of our technical department, with the editors and Editorial Committee at the helm. Highly technical in some aspects, quintessentially human in others, we are moved by quality rather than by quantity. We trust the best craftspeople and industrial designers to treat each individual piece of our catalogue, having all our collaborators located as close as possible to our headquarters in Belloch (Barcelona).

Examples of our own designs include the Trípode G5 floor lamp (1997), the HeadLed system (2013), the Arne streetlamp (2013) and its indoors version the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí system (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), to name a few.

We question beauty, putting attention to everyday objects to discover their best usage experience.

Formed by the individuals who are co-workers in Santa & Cole’s editing department, and led by the editors, the Santa & Cole team is responsible for the design of the company’s own products. Shining examples of this include the Trípode G5 lamp (1997), the HeadLed (2013) system, the Arne streetlamp (2013) along with the indoor model the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí System (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), among others. Más información: