Básica Minima Bateria



About Básica Minima Bateria

Básica Mínima Batería by Santa & Cole is the portable version of Básica Mínima. Its cylindric structure, made of birch wood, holds two lampshade options: pleated natural parchment and ribbon stitched. With a light touch, the lamp turns on and off, making it a light and practical companion. All of Santa & Cole's products are born with a timeless vocation defended by the form, the technical solution, and the careful selection of materials. A material culture that Santa & Cole has been defending for more than 35 years. Selecting the right materials is an important part of their creative process. As Santa & Cole are editors and do not rely on machinery, they emphasize the lifecycle of their products and only work with materials that age well. In some materials, as they are treated by hand, one by one, you may find details that make them unique. This is part of their beauty.

Básica Minima Bateria Technical Specs

Básica Minima Bateria