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portrait of Federico Correa

Federico Correa was a Catalan architect who established himself as one of the key figures of the Modern Movement in Catalonia. He graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona in 1953. He collaborated, initially as an apprentice, with José Antonio Coderch, Josep Maria Jujol, and Francesc Ràfols. His projects were inspired by the teachings of the Modern Movement, which emphasized rationality as a way of approaching architecture.

In 1953, with his partner and friend Alfonso Milá, they established their architectural studio, further twisting a friendly and professional relationship that has achieved the inseparability of their names. The work of Correa and Milá takes Cadaqués as its starting point with projects such as the Villavecchia House, where they updated the autochthonous through the criteria of modernity.

They projected with brilliance as architects and interior and industrial designers. They excelled in teaching and disseminating the Barcelona and Spanish creation within the international debate on architecture and good design.