Amuleto Pearl


About Amuleto Pearl

Amuleto Pearl was unveiled for the first time at Mondo Mendini - The World of Alessandro Mendini exhibition at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. Alessandro Mendini and Bang-ung Song - a mother-of-pearl inlay artisan of the national intangible cultural heritage Najeon-jang - collaborated on the Amuleto Najeon-chilgi Collection. The Amuleto Najeon-chilgi Collection consists of constellation patterns inlaid on the AMULETO lamp. A limited quantity of 17 were made in total. Najeon-chilgi flourished during the Goryeo Dynasty and is an important part of Korea’s intangible cultural heritage. Amuleto Pearl honors this traditional art style. Amuleto Pearl’s development required years of research because Master Bang-ung Song couldn’t use typical Najeon-chilgi methods; he had to devise new technology and techniques, resulting in a one-of-a-kind lamp. This unique product includes over 1,550 pieces of mother-of-pearl. The lamp production process is very meticulous with several phases and it requires very specific technique, precision, and artistic spirit. Amuleto, the name of the lamp, means "luck". Here are three circles in the universe with the sun, the moon and the earth connected by shafts. "The idea to marry the modernity of this lamp's futurist technology with the very ancient method of mother-of-pearl inlay is something exceptional and quite extraordinary." The maestro who crafted this decoration is one of the most talented in the Orient. He made the pattern of dots I designed with truly miraculous skill, precision and measuredness. His capacity demonstrates the richness of a tradition that still continues today.