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About Digamma Armchair

When Gardella wanted to steer away from the rigid tenets of the modern movement, in which he had nevertheless been educated and heavily involved, he came up with this metal chaise longue with a rationalist body, stringently formed by two geometric volumes, albeit imbued with the irony of his notorious “duck feet”. He was also able to offer the benefit of a three-position reclining backrest and additionally designed a matching footrest that could be bought to go with it. An architect, engineer and designer, Ignazio Gardella founded the unforgettable Azucena editing agency along with Luigi Caccia Dominioni in Milan in 1947, the first in Italy to produce high quality design. This was the showcase for the appearance of the first edition of Digamma, subsequently re-edited by Dino Gavina for his catalogue and, on assignment by Gavina, under the responsibility of Santa & Cole since 2005. Digamma is a comfortable chaise longue with a metallic structure and a rational body. Comprising two geometric volumes, it comes in various textile options. The three-position reclining mechanism is clearly visible on both sides. And its famous golden duck feet imbue this design with irony.

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Digamma Armchair