Flying Flames Baldachin/Canopy



About Flying Flames Baldachin/Canopy

The elements of Flying Flames are placed freely with a magnet on the canopy board. The canopy board comes in two sizes. Both types of the canopy made of white lacquered steel are equipped with jacks for up to ten Flame Elements and a maximum of three Downlight Elements. The canopy has an Integrated electronic ballast adapter. Flying Flames is designed to permit individual versions of a chandelier. You decide on the number of Flames and their color. Add up to three downlights for a pleasant light on a table below the chandelier. Choose between the rectangular for the smaller, square canopy, or place multiple canopy boards in a line to create a long chandelier. Place the elements as you choose, and adjust their height. 100–240/38/5 V LED connection for max 10 Flame elements and 3 downlights; combinable accessories.