Tappeto Sofo Rug


About Tappeto Sofo Rug

Tappeto Sofo by Superstudio for Poltronova. Dedicated to the homonymous hyperpop modular system by Superstudio, the Sofo rug is the result of research in the archives of Centro Studi Poltronova. Its shape is none other than the marking, designed in the 1960s by the same members of Superstudio, which characterized the product's shipping packages. A composition of concentric circles with, in the central part, typographic shapes of a geometric nature declaring the name of the product. The rug is available in two variants that take up the typical colour scores of the sofa: verosa and rosancio.
Made by Centro Studi Poltronova per il Design with cc-tapis.

Tappeto Sofo Rug Technical Specs

Tappeto-Sofo-ENG Tappeto_Sofo