Vaarnii’s furniture and accessory collections all begin with natural material. They choose these based on opportunity and locality, not fashion. Therefore, all materials are Finnish, plentiful, and often overlooked. In Vaarnii’s hands these materials become essential sources of inspiration. The first collection is made entirely from Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris), the most populous tree in Finland. The origin of all this pine are sustainably managed wild forests. This is significant because wild pine, unlike cultivated pine, grows slowly and as a result the wood is dense, heavy and hard; an ideal manufacturing material. For generations this pine has been under-explored as a furniture-making material, and frequently misrepresented as lesser quality. Vaarnii’s collection puts the spotlight back on this bold, characterful wood and its innate qualities. The benefit comes from the contribution of many talented individuals, and the ambition is to build a new Finnish furniture vernacular, aided by the collective creative skills of collaborators from across the globe.

Rewire Selects by Vaarnii