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Book/Shop is a design-minded, multi-disciplinary “shop about books and reading”. Founded in Oakland California by Erik Heywood, the brand has, over the last decade, helped reframe what a bookstore can be. Offering a signature assortment of rare & uncommon books, book furniture, artwork related to books & reading, and book-related apparel & accessories, Book/Shop was the first to create a lifestyle brand out of the love of reading. Heywood’s design work for Book/Shop is inspired by the beauty, poetry, artfulness and intelligence found in the best books, and he works to bring those qualities to Book/Shop’s variety of products, events, and experiences. Intersecting with the worlds of art, fashion, film, design & publishing, Book/Shop’s collaborators and partners have included have included The New York Times, The Whitney Museum, Drake’s, The Eames Institute, The Paris Review, Small (Paris), The Aperture Foundation, and many others.