Adjustable Desk Lamp SF 27



About Adjustable Desk Lamp SF 27

This table lamp has become a coveted designer object and the perfect reflection of Bauhaus design with its basic geometric shapes and asymmetrical elements. It was created in 1927, but its designer is sadly unknown. Its striking hemisphere is made of polished aluminium that partially covers the opal glass. Another spherical element connects the light fixture to the standpipe, which leads to a black painted metal base and the switch. The heavy baseplate keeps the sculptural object nice and stable. In the 1920s, there was a series of similar desk lamps that could all be moved or rotated at various function points. All kinds of models were created by designers like Christian Dell, Ferdinand Kramer, Marianne Brandt and Eduard-Wilfrid Buquet. When Tecnolumen discovered the original version of the lamp in Sweden, they weren’t able to determine its surface material, so they chrome-plated the surfaces of the rods and baseplate, painted the reflector black and left the function points in brass or chrome. Each lamp is numbered consecutively and bears the TECNOLUMEN signet.
  • Lighting Table Lamps
  • Tecnolumen
  • Unknown
  • 1927
  • Metal
  • LED 7W MAT MAX 75W
  • 8.3
  • 22.4
  • 26.8
  • IP20
  • 4-12 WEEKS
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Adjustable Desk Lamp SF 27 Technical Specs

Adjustable Desk Lamp SF 27