Design history with a future…

For more than 35 years the name TECNOLUMEN has stood for lamps with strong character and timeless design. Our focus here is on originals from the Bauhaus era. This is what makes TECNOLUMEN unique worldwide. Decorative lamps, following the same functional design principle, round off the program. In the Bremen factory lamps and utensils are created that are already collectibles or have the potential to become so in the future. Precise craftsmanship, quality materials, individuality and staying true to the original make the TECNOLUMEN collection what it is: an exquisite design collection. Whether they are icons of historical design or contemporary designs: what all TECNOLUMEN products share is a stylistic design language that is always in demand, regardless of any trends. New products are only added to the assortment after they have met our strict design requirements. Although the portfolio is regularly expanded the classic designs remain in stock, particularly the Wagendfeld table lamp. The lamp was what inspired businessman and art collector Walter Schnepel to found TECNOLUMEN in 1980. He received the license to reproduce the famous lamp from Wilhem Wagenfeld personally. Worldwide, TECNOLUMEN is the only company licensed to reproduce the famous lamp. Every lamp bearing the TECNOLUMEN label is an original. The logo is the guarantee that the design masterwork you have is an original that will be your companion for a long time to come.

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