Egyptian Eye EE 86



About Egyptian Eye EE 86

EE 86 is basically a light sculpture. Its peculiarity is instantly noticeable due to its lanceolate design and the material used – either black or white marble. From above, the 27-cm-high and 24-cm-wide lamp looks like an eye with a circular lens enthroned in the centre. The designer Günter Leuchtmann based this design from 1986 on the paintings and hieroglyphs of Egyptian civilization several thousand years ago. In ancient Egypt, the “eastern eye” was a pictorial expression for the sun disk of the sun gods, for example from Re and Aton. It was considered a symbol that could ward off all harm. The integrated cord dimmer lets you set the mood and experiment with different light intensities. Floor lamp available in three versions: marble black matt, marble black polished or marble white polished. Each lamp carries the TECNOLUMEN signet.

Egyptian Eye EE 86 Technical Specs

EE 86