Fresnel Indoor Wall



About Fresnel Indoor Wall

Fresnel is a lamp created by Joe Colombo with the intention of appearing to be one of those perfect objects, that cannot be improved any further because it has been designed by time, capable of making essentiality and practicality synonyms of elegance. The Fresnel 10 cm-diameter lens becomes the absolute protagonist of this project, different versions of which have been designed over time: wall/ceiling lamps for both indoor and outdoor use as well as a floor lamp, only for outdoor use. Its metal body – available in the white, black, grey, chrome-plated metal versions – discreetly complete the structure, prioritising, yet again, the practical supporting function above any other ornament and decoration.
  • Wall Fixtures
  • Oluce
  • Joe Colombo
  • 1966
  • IP44
  • 3.9
  • L1148 CR | L1148/L CR
  • 1X MAX 4,5W (LED) 110V, 1X MAX 40W (E12)
  • 4-12 WEEKS

Fresnel Indoor Wall Technical Specs

Fresnel Indoor Wall