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Talking about Joe Colombo means telling the brief but intense parable of one of the greatest Italian designers, who died in 1971 at the young age of 41. It means telling about a life, as quick as lightning, of a man who strongly believed in the future and who gave us a very particular prefeguration of those fundamental 60s, when the future suddenly started to appear closer.

And then, telling about Joe Colombo means telling about a man for whom research had no limits, who utilized artistic research on the one hand (just look at the extraordinary lamp Acrilica and at its relation with kinetic and programmed experiences), and scientific research on the other.

And still many more things could be told about Joe Colombo, which are all, however, dominated by the tormenting statement that the brief years in which ”creativity had the power” have also been the brief, magic years of Joe Colombo. Still today however, many of his products, still with futuristic characteristics, live beside us every day, constantly talking to us about a better future.

Rewire Selects from Joe Colombo include the number-one selling Fresnel, designed in 1966 and Coupé designed in 1967.