About Hope

Incredibly light and easy to dismantle, Hope revives the magic of traditional chandeliers, reinterpreted with sophisticated modern technologies and contemporary materials. The thin methacrylate Fresnel lenses multiply the light, creating a pleasant, sparkling and festive atmosphere.
  • Ceiling Fixtures Lighting
  • Luceplan
  • Francisco Gomez Paz
  • 2009
  • 150W A21 150W T10 HALOGEN 15W E26 SBLED, 3X 150W A21 3X 150W T10 HALOGEN 3X 15W E26 SBLED, 5X 150W A21 5X 150W T10 HALOGEN 5X 15W E26 SBLED
  • 24.0, 28.2, 43.0, 79.0
  • 19.3, 21.2, 26.0, 35.4
  • 2-8 WEEKS
  • Note: this product is not UL certified. We offer UL certification for an additional cost and lead time. See this page to add UL certification.

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Hope Technical Specs

Hope Suspension