Moodmoon White



About Moodmoon White

Japanese paper in radiant light: If you are looking for a strong luminaire with pure white light, then the MOODMOON White by Sebastian Hepting fŸr Ingo Maurer is just right for you. The white version of the coloured MOODMOON radiates a high colour rendition and is at the same time poetic, thanks to the handmade Japanese paper used for the shades of the MOODMOON White. MOODMOON White is particularly suitable for flat and large rooms and offers a very bright light with 4000 lumens. In contrast to the coloured version, MOODMOON White has a different LED band, which is stronger, the same one that was already used for previous Ingo Maurer designs, such as the Blow Me Up or the Tubular. The luminaire emits light as a wall or ceiling luminaire. MOODMOON White is operated with an included remote control in a minimalist yet chic black design. The remote control is connected to the luminaire via Bluetooth. The remote control is magnetic and can be inserted into the included holder, which has the same design and is also magnetic. This means that the remote control can never get lost. The holder can either be fixed to a magnetic surface with a magnet, with an adhesive strip or drilled into the wall; two drill holes are provided on the holder for this purpose. MOODMOON White is continuously dimmable via the radio remote control. In addition, several luminaires can be linked and then synchronously controlled via the remote control. The Japanese paper of the MOODMOON White has an individual structure, which is penetrated by bright, warm white LEDs as a poetic lighting effect. Isolated irregularities of the handmade paper may be visible, which give the lamp by Sebastian Hepting for Ingo Maurer a unique character. The light comes with a 3m plug cable and is easy to install as it only needs to be hung on a nail. Note: Each MOODMOON is shipped in two separate packages.

Moodmoon White Technical Specs