Peana Molina

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About Peana Molina

The Peana Molina is pure solid walnut wood and a piece of furniture that is always at hand and can be used for everything. It now travels flat and can be easily assembled and disassembled with the help of a key, which later becomes, for instance, a handy bookend. Jaume Sans, a singular Catalan surrealist painter of the post-war period, in the same line as architects Moragas and Pratmarsó, father of designers Pete and Rafa Sans, conceived this practical pedestal for the family flat in Plaça Molina in Barcelona, where he lived with his large brood. The simplicity of the stand is designed for the infinite uses to which a large family can put it. Because this base, which is itself a modest sculpture, is clearly a side table, a stand, a pedestal, a point of support for ephemeral flowers, speakers or sets of candles, a dining table, a day table, etc. A Peana Molina at home is a small and noble solution, always at hand for the best services.

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Peana Molina