About Pic-a-stic

Pic-a-stic is a pendant lamp that joins the playful and humorous collection by Ingo Maurer. The lamp consists of a set of 50 lacquered wooden rods and a rubber ring that fixes the rods "in the air". Andreas Walther, who originally comes from the field of "stop motion film", wanted to capture in his design the moment when the sticks of the classic game "Mikado" are released before they fall apart. Pic-a-stic is available in two versions: a version made of black and white sticks plus two red sticks and a colourful version with blue, red and orange sticks. Thus, pic-a-stic leaves room for free design and the owner becomes a codesigner, as was the case with many earlier models by Ingo Maurer. The lamp can be plugged into 14 variants, which can be varied and extended by individual colour combinations. As a single luminaire above a table or as a group above a bar counter, for example, pic-a-stic can be used in both private and public areas. With pic-a-stic, Andreas Walther is launching his first luminaire in collaboration with the Ingo Maurer team.

Pic-a-stic Technical Specs