Shield Wall Light



About Shield Wall Light

Shield Wall Light by Henry Wilson for Studio Henry Wilson. Cut from billet aluminum and hand-finished, the Shield Wall Light is designed with an everyday gesture in mind – that of using the flat of the palm to obstruct direct sunlight. It comprises two pieces – a protruding base that contains a bulb holder suitable for a single E12 or E14 bulb, and a flat rectangular plate mounted slightly off-center, which directs light to the wall on which the object is mounted. (The concealed mount can be used on any surface). Because the Shield Wall Light is manufactured in small batches, slight variations will occur from one piece to another. Production marks may include slight swirls or surface pitting. The original finish will oxidize and darken over time to reveal a distinctive patina. If preferred, use a quality metal polish to restore brightness. Please Note: This lamp is created for installation with a mud kit or there is an alternative option for a US mount with a 4" flat canopy attachment. Additional charges will incur for this alternative option. Please consult with Rewire if you have any questions.

Shield Wall Light Technical Specs

Shield Wall data sheet