About Tubular

Tubular is a multifunctional glass luminaire. Lighting designer Sebastian Hepting uses an unprocessed tube of borosilicate glass. The glass tube can be rotated through 360¡ and can be used as downlight, uplight or wallwasher. With red diffusor and red cable or with white diffusor and blue cable. Other cables can be connected by electricians. Open, fire-polished ends emphasize the puristic design and their handcrafted character. While the suspension of the tube consists almost invisibly of a thin wire, the other end is softly embedded in a textile loop. Inside, a filigree-looking construction of lamella reflects the light in all directions. The light source is invisibly hidden behind the luminous structure. Thanks to its versatility, the pendant lamp "Tubular" is suitable for various purposes and rooms - whether as table lighting at home, in restaurants, above a bar, in the kitchen, at the reception or in the office.

Tubular Technical Specs