Use Me W.


About Use Me W.

The spotlight can be adjusted by means of two ball joints. Use Me W. is a small, functional wall lamp that is ideally suited to accent lighting and highlighting objects. Depending on the application we still recommend the use of the halogen bulbs, especially if you require excellent colour rendering. As an energy-efficient alternative, you can also use LED bulbs.
  • Wall Fixtures
  • Ingo Maurer
  • Ingo Maurer & Team
  • 2010
  • 7.87402
  • 9.84252
  • G53 MAX 70W
  • 1028120
  • 4-12 WEEKS
  • Note: this product is not UL certified. We offer UL certification for an additional cost and lead time. See this page to add UL certification.

    Note: production lead time does not include shipping, please refer to our shipping policy for more information.

Use Me W. Technical Specs

Use Me W.