Galerie MCDE

Furniture and lighting have the ability to enhance a sophisticated architectural concept. The 1930s were the dawn of modernity, and Pierre Chareau was modern in his ardent devotion to research and his most accomplished works, in particular the Maison de Verre.

Galerie MCDE has been the benchmark manufacturer for architect and designer Pierre Chareau for more than 30 years. The gallery was born of the efforts of collector Maxime Defert, who viewed fabrication as a duty – that of bringing the creations of one of the most modern designers of the first half of the twentieth century into our living and work spaces, in the form of a lamp or a stool. Since that time, with Pierre-Emmanuel Risch and his team, Galerie MCDE has specialized in the fabrication of some 80 of his lamp and furniture models.

Galerie MCDE’s primary mission is to continue to perpetuate Pierre Chareau’s savoir- faire.

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