Mazzega 1946

The roots of Mazzega lie in Murano, a land of master glass-workers still guarding today the age-old hand made glass working techniques. In over seventy years the company has revived and reinterpreted the Murano heritage with passion and tenacity, without betraying its origins and inviting international designers with heterogenous expressive languages to take on those alchemies of sands, oxides and powders. Mazzega caters today to a global niche market, offering lighting products that last true to the island’s tradition while exploring innovating and contemporary contents. Having gained a long-standing experience, its know-how allows a production of custom-made projects, working with the final client to support him from beginning to end, from the original idea up until the product’s installation.

Rewire Selects from Mazzega 1946 include Nason 338, Waterfall and Ice, all designed by Carlos Nason during the 1970s and 1980s.

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Rewire Selects by Mazzega 1946