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Architect, interior designer and art critic, Michel Dufet is one of the lesser known innovators of functional modern style. Early on, he introduces a discrete use of cubism in his interiors. His desire to mass-produce furniture contrasted with the production of luxurious, one of a kind, pieces typical of the period. He directed the largest interior design firm in South America from 1922 to 1927 in Rio de Janeiro and then returned to France in 1928 to take over the direction, with Léandre Vaillant, of the “Atelier d’Art du Bûcheron“. Together they produced furniture using noble and unexpected materials. He designed sets for both the movie industry and the theater and interiors for prestigious ocean liners “Le Normandie“ and “L’Ile de France“. In 1947 he married the daughter of a French sculptor, Antoine Bourdelle and became curator of the Museum Bourdelle in 1972.