Lucellino NT


About Lucellino NT

Lucellino NT is a second wall version of Lucellino Wall. The transformer is integrated into the wall plate, without a cable or a plug. Lucellino is a play on words, a combination of the Italian words “uccellino” (little bird) and ‘luce’ (light). Lucellino NT can only be mounted directly onto a wall outlet and can be dimmed using a wall dimmer for electrical transformers. We recommend the installation of a dimmer! With appropriate wiring, several Lucellino NT lights can be dimmed simultaneously. Lucellino NT can be installed as either an individual wall lamp or as part of a group. The round cover plate has a diameter of 15 cm. The handmade set of goose-feather wings sits directly on the E27 base. The matt bulb is operated with a secondary voltage of 24 volts. The 24-volt bulbs with standard sockets were used in trains up until the 1990s, but now these special bulbs are manufactured exclusively for Ingo Maurer GmbH and can only be used in models from the Lucellino family. The red cable is soldered onto the bulb. Supplied with one replacement bulb. Not suitable for rooms with a high level of humidity.

Lucellino NT Technical Specs

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