Perdue Portable Lamp



About Perdue Portable Lamp

Perdue is a portable and rechargeable lamp designed by Riccardo Marcuzzo for Lumina. Conceived to transform how we experience, use, and consider light, it has an infinite variety of applications and uses. Perdue aims to amaze and provide the user with a concrete, subjective, and functional interaction experience, from its original lighting system to the many possibilities of function and use. Perdue consists of an ogival-shaped lighting body placed in a sensor that detects a magnetic field. This turns the light on when the lamp comes into contact with its accessories (Table (Arc 30, Arc 25, and T-Bar), Wall (Wall Disc 19 and Wall Bracket), Suspension (Pendant Disc 19 and Pendant Bracket), or any metal body. The light intensity can be adjusted with a simple tap on the diffuser. Thanks to its enormous versatility, Perdue offers the most varied opportunities and uses according to the needs of each customer.

Perdue Portable Lamp Technical Specs

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