About Disco

Reminiscent of the stars during an eclipse, the light reflected on the wall creates a pleasant halo. The Disco Wall lamp consists of a metal disc that hides a LED light source, diffusing the light around the opaque circle. Jordi Miralbell and Mariona Raventós were a pair of design artisans, who created beautiful pieces of lighting and furniture. For over 15 years, they shared with us the adventure of Santa & Cole, as authors, editors and partners. Mariona brought the expression of materials, textures and colours, while Jordi created the volumes, proportions, structures and mechanical functions of what they designed together. This metallic disc, available in two sizes, M and L, reflects its light on the wall, creating a halo around an opaque circle. Its LED source is located behind the structure finished in glossy nickel. Buttons of light in space.

Disco Technical Specs