Eclipse Ellipse


About Eclipse Ellipse

Eclipse Ellipse is a play of light and shadow. The lighting object is made for wall use. When switching on the piece, a composition of an ellipse and circles appears on the wall. The user is the co-creator. Both the inclination of the large disc as well as the position of the small disc can be adjusted. As in many of his previous creations, Ingo Maurer leaves a lot of room for the usersÕ personal imagination and the relation of all objects and furniture in the space. Eclipse Ellipse also emits pleasant, indirect light. A perfect solution for those who wish to combine artistic expression and functional light on one of their walls.
  • Wall Fixtures
  • Ingo Maurer
  • Ingo Maurer
  • 2017
  • LED 12W 1130LM 2700K CRI 97 EEC A+
  • 23.622
  • 23.622
  • 4-12 WEEKS
  • Note: this product is not UL certified. We offer UL certification for an additional cost and lead time. See this page to add UL certification.

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Eclipse Ellipse Technical Specs

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