Moby 1


About Moby 1

Moby is an extraordinarily sculptural table lamp. Filled with intriguing contrasts, it balances a soft and comforting light with a striking, futuristic design. The void in the main element creates a small cap in which the light source is enclosed. When Moby is on, the soft light unfolds and illuminates the cavity, immediately drawing the attention to the organic curves. In 2016, Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach received the prestigious Silver Hetsch medal for Moby, the highest recognition available from the Danish Art and Crafts Movement of 1879. The two designers run separate studios in Copenhagen, but their collective fondness of the soft, delicate plaster material, typically used for fine art and prototypes, led to this collaboration and the creation of Moby. The lamp was originally cast in plaster, but has now been translated into a durable matte acrylic material with a similar silky-smooth expression.